Bavaria (DE) 2018


Bavaria, Germany (DE)

Year of commissioning:


Kind of application:

Excavation material treatment


150 tph of aggregates 0 – 120 mm

pozzato bavaria screening washing plant for aggregates

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The Pozzato sand and gravel treatment plant installed in Bavaria has been realized to treat 150 tph of 0 – 120 mm aggregates coming from different pits.

A conveyor belt feeds the first vibrating rinsing screen, in order to:

  • Stock on pile the oversize > 32 mm;
  • Feed the log washer with the fraction 4 – 32 mm;
  • Send the particles 0 – 4 mm into the sand washing unit.

The log washer overflow is treated onto a specific dewatering screen in order to remove the light particles (pieces of wood, plastic strips, coal, etc. …) from the slurry (made of water and solids < 4 mm), conveyed into the above mentioned sand washing plant.

The final vibrating screen equipped with a spray bars unit allows to remove the particles < 4 mm eventually already included into the material (that are sent into the above mentioned sand compact plant) and to obtain the three typical products, perfectly clean, needed into the batching plants:

  • 4 – 8 mm
  • 8 – 16 mm
  • 16 – 32 mm