Friburgo (CH) 2018

This plant has been designed to treat 80 tph of 0 – 50 mm sand and gravel, passing through one mobile screening plant.

The conveyor belt of the above mentioned mobile unit feeds the log washer that, thanks to the attrition effect, melts the clay lumps (eventually included in the raw material) and removes the light particles.

The log washer over – flow is treated onto an apposite dewatering screen in order to divide the pieces of woods, coal, plastic strips, etc. from the slurry (H2O + solids < 4 mm) that is conveyed into the sand compact plant.

The material treated into the log washer is selected by a rinsing screen fitted straightly at the bottom of it in order to split:

  • the particles < 4 mm, that are sent into the above mentioned sand compact plant
  • the fraction 4 – 8 mm, stocked on pile
  • the fraction 8 – 50 mm, that is sent onto the dry screen by the conveyor belt

The above mentioned dry screen produces the typical products needed into the batching plants:

  • 8 – 16 mm
  • 16 – 32 mm
  • 32 – 50 mm