Soil washing plants

In collaboration with a world leader company in sludge and water treatment, in the last decade Pozzato has been also aiming to the realization of plants for the treatment of C&D waste, contaminated soil, road sweeping and gully waste.

The Pozzato C&D waste treatment plants are able to wash and screen materials coming from excavation and/or demolition and allow to obtain different kinds of End of Waste products.

Our soil washing plants are able to produce perfectly clean and contaminants-free materials, suitable for reusing into the batching and/or asphalt plants, reducing the virgin raw materials consumption and the environmental impact.

The Pozzato soil washing plants are also able to treat and recycle:

  • Road sweeping waste: their treatment allows to drastically reduce the dump disposal, since the material will be recovered and can generally be reused for 80% by weight; only the 20% will have to be disposed of as waste.
  • Gully waste: like for the road sweeping waste, the treatment of sludges, waters, cesspits and septic tanks allows to recover perfectly washed material, significantly reducing the dump disposal by weight.

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