Log washers

Log washers are machines designed to wash the aggregates and to remove silt, clay and other contaminants, which are very difficult to eliminate with the traditional washing units installed onto the vibrating screens.

The Pozzato range includes single shaft log washers and twin shaft log washers, enable to satisfy every production capacity and to guarantee a perfectly cleaned treated material.

We design and manufacture log washers completely in-house, using only steels, bearings and castings bought and certified by Italian Companies of excellence.

log washers single shaft

Single shaft log washers

twin shaft log washers

Twin shaft log washers

Pozzato log washers

The Pozzato log washers can be installed in any washing plant that treats sand and gravel, C&D waste, mineral rocks, materials coming from contaminated soil and road sweeping.

In addition to washing the material, these machines are able to remove any contaminating particles like clay, silt, pieces of wood and plastic, roots and coal. Thanks to their special design and to the perfectly balanced motion, the Pozzato log washers in operation don’t generate any vibration.

The Pozzato log washers range includes:

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