Twin shaft log washers

The Pozzato twin shaft log washers are able to treat aggregates with maximum dimensions of 80 – 100 mm, and have been designed to dissolve silt and clay thanks to the forced and continuous mixing by means of two counter–rotating rotors equipped with blades.

The attrition created by the paddles on the materials and that produced between aggregate and aggregate makes the separation and the dissolution of contaminants possible.

The motion is transmitted by a reduction gear box equipped with a pinion connected to two big crowns: this system guarantees the perfect synchronism between the two shafts.

In order to ensure the maximum wear resistance, the rotors are equipped with blades made of Chrome – Molybdenum casting, while the shell is protected by the bed of aggregates laid down onto the bottom of the machine, creating a static buffer. Special protections made of Hardox plates, bolted onto the paddle – brackets exposed areas, could be installed as optional.

Furthermore, the “Recycling” model rotors are equipped with a special scrolls set (interchangeable with the standard paddles) in order to facilitate the removing of contaminating and floating particles, like clay, silt, pieces of wood, plastic, roots and coal.

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