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Sand washing unit

We design and manufacture sand washing units completely in-house, using only very high quality pumps (according to specific Customers’ needs) and several hydro – cyclones series, in order to optimize the sand recovering and the silt removing.

The Pozzato sand washing plants, thanks to the used special pumps and hydro-cyclones, are able to recover the sand and to wash it removing the silt and the contaminating particles normally included in the raw material.

In order to guarantee the best performances, Pozzato proposes innovative solutions. We give priority to the efficiency of the unit instead of the dimensions of it and the initial investment has to be done by our Customers.

When the volume of the slurry (water and solids) has to be treated is higher than 200 m³/h, we recommend special machines equipped with two small hydro-cyclones vertically fitted in parallel in order to optimize the washing and the fines recovery.

Pozzato designs and realizes special machines enable to satisfy any Customer requirement. The separators equipped with lip seal and an appropriate overflow discharge system permit to treat any kind of slurry even characterized by a continuously variable solids/water ratio. They guarantee a very accurate cut point and a final product with a density higher than the typical underflow obtained from the traditional hydro-cyclones.

The Pozzato sand compact plants are normally fitted onto heavy dewatering screens equipped with PU panels enable to remove the water in excess from the washed sands.

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