Our culture

Since 1951 we design & manufacture machinery for the material treatment coming both from mines & quarries and from demolition waste.

In the last years, we have been specializing even in other applications, i.e.:

  • Asphalt milling treatment plants
  • Automatic station for the separation of ferrous & no-ferrous material coming from incinerator
  • Sorting cabins for the manual selection & magnetic separation of metals
  • Treatment units for the waste water coming from the washing of plastic strips used in agriculture
  • Soil & sediment washing plants
  • Road sweeping washing plants

Key strengths:

  • Our very long experience grew up in over 65 years of business,
  • Our incessant research of new and more efficient technical solutions,
  • Our large range of products,
  • The very high quality of our products offered at right price,
  • Our passion and knowledge make us a Customer’s technical consultant instead of simple manufacturers.

According to our Customers’ request, Pozzato supplies “turn-key” plant perfectly suitable to their needs.