Apron feeders

The Pozzato apron feeders are designed to treat rocky materials of big dimensions, possibly free of fine sand.

The apron feeders feature is represented by the perfection in dosing big aggregates in the production process, as well as by the extreme robustness, which guarantees their durability for decades.

Even if sticky clay blocks were included in the feeding material, which would make the use of the other types of feeders difficult, this system guarantees a constant and continuous flow preventing any kind of clogging.

Installed in the aggregates crushing plants, the Pozzato primary apron feeders can be connected to PLC systems in order to automatically adjust the track speed according to pre-set data or to the minerals hardness.

In fact, when the materials that have to be treated are very hard to crush (such as, for example, those of volcanic origin), the production performances of the jaw crushers decrease, as this kind of rocks resist the jaws pressure longer.

Therefore, connecting the apron feeders motor to a VSD controlled by the ammeter of the jaw crushers motor, it is possible to optimize the feeding in a fully automatic way.

pozzato apron feeder

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