Constrained Vibration Feeders

The Pozzato constrained vibration feeders – AVV are specially designed to solve the typical clogging problems that often occur using the traditional and unidirectional vibrating feeders.

Unlike the trolley feeders, which are characterized by an alternating “forward – backward” motion that creates an "on - off" flow, the constrained vibration feeders also guarantee the continuous flow of aggregates thus preventing many clogging problems.

constrained vibration feeders

Pozzato Constrained Vibration Feeders

The constrained vibration feeders by Pozzato are equipped with suspension connecting rods and a special drive system. The servo-ventilated motor has to be connected to a frequency regulator in the electrical control panel that automatically and constantly optimizes the material flow during the whole process.

All the constrained vibration feeders in the Pozzato range are coated with internally bolted Hardox plates, that prevent premature wear and undesired material clogging.

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