Vibrating screens for sand and aggregates

We design and manufacture vibrating screens completely in-house, using only steels and bearings bought and certified by Italian Companies of excellence.

The range of Pozzato machines includes vibrating dry screens and vibrating rinsing screens. Our inclined vibrating screens are equipped with two, three or four decks, starting from the smallest ones (1,6 m² of screening area per deck) up to the biggest ones (14 m² per deck).

Vibrating screens Pozzato

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Vibrating screens for sand and gravel

The shell of the Pozzato vibrating screens is made of thick steel plates; at the top and at the bottom ends of them, properly dimensioned angle profiles are bolted in order to improve the frame stiffness. Each vibrating screen is equipped with an extra reinforcement welded in the central area of the side plates, on which the bearing housings are bolted, in order to distribute vibration stress on the widest possible surface.
These features and the use of oversize bearings and housings guarantee the highest screening efficiency and the maximum operation life.

We use easily adjustable counterweights, in order to optimize the vibration amplitude in accordance with the feeding material size, with the kind of the panels fitted on the machine and with the apertures required.
Besides, the shaft speed can be adjusted by replacing the driving pulley.

On the Pozzato screens can be fitted the cross or end tensioned traditional wire meshes. The decks are made by heavy cross members individually bolted to the side plates of the machines.

Our vibrating screens can also be equipped with rubber or PU panels and, upon specific request, with specially designed decks for every kind of PU modular mats.

We pay specific attention even to the vibrating screens front chutes and collecting sump for dry sand or the slurry, in order to prevent any clogging troubles and premature wear on the steel plates. Normally the top part of the front chutes is fitted on the steel wheels that permit to move it very easily and allow a rapid access to the static bottom part.

Vibrating rinsing screens

Our long experience in the washing plants taught us that an extremely efficient washing unit guarantees the best screening performances. In order to optimize our vibrating rinsing screens, we have designed a special system equipped with:

  • Staggered PU nozzles,
  • extensions to place them near the decks,
  • apposite components which permit to change, very easily, the angle of them compared with the decks,
  • control valves to adjust the volume of water on each pipe.

In order to avoid any spillage of water and of material out of the rinsing screens, we fit two rubber grommets on each spray bar and a special rubber skirting onto the top deck.

Grizzly screens for heavy applications

The Pozzato vibrating screens range also includes the “SG” model, a vibrating grizzly screen realized for primary screening. This kind of heavy screen is equipped with adequately dimensioned side walls with Hardox lining; the top deck is bolted to the screen shell and is made of anti-wear steel bars.

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