Impact crusher PZ FL


  • acceptable feeding size: 4 – 40 mm
  • hammers: 2 or 3
  • capacity:  from 20 t/h to 160 t/h

Impact crusher pz fl

Impactors PZ FL for minerals crushing

The Pozzato PZ FL impact crushers have been designed in order to treat the surplus of aggregates 4 – 40 mm produced by the plant that remain unsold.

Like the whole range of Pozzato impact crushers, the PZ FLs are well known for the ease way of the maintenance and are equipped with four doors sideways openable. No special tool is required to have access into the crushing chamber and to replace the worn castings.

In order to hold the same sieve analysis of the product longer than possible, the PZ FL impact crushers are equipped with a special harmours adjusting system. It allows even to change the kind of the product when it is needed, increasing or decreasing the distance between the hammers and the harmours.

The hammers and the harmours are made in Chrome – Molybdenum steel alloy that today guarantees the best wear resistance and then long lasting time. Just the rotors protections are made in Manganese.

Normally the PZ FL impact crushers are equipped with two hammers in order to obtain the higher percentage of sand than possible (about 70%) but they can be supplied even with special rotor fitted with three hammers in order to reduce the fines and increase the aggregates.

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